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Your Hearing
Often, an ALJ goes over the case history of your claim first. He or she addresses the issues to be decided on and may express what he or she expects your attorney to prove. These expectations are nothing new, and I will have already gone over them with you.
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Generally, the ALJ will be looking for evidence that proves that you cannot complete substantial gainful activities that “exist in significant numbers in the economy” for someone of your age, education, and work history. Make an appointment with me to get ready for your meeting with an ALJ.


The ALJ will question you first and then give me the opportunity to question you about your impairment and its effects on your life. You should answer the judge as honestly and as thoroughly as possible. If the judge’s questions have covered a lot of information, I may not even need to question you. However, there is also the chance that your ALJ will leave most of the questioning to me. This should not change how you answer the questions.

You should still be complete in your explanations, as if you were speaking to someone who knew nothing about your impairment. I will be by your side throughout the entire hearing to ensure that any information necessary for the ALJ to make a decision is addressed.

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